Water Management


Don’t know where your water’s going? Do a water audit! Energy NZ’s water auditing services can be offered at a basic or in-depth level. Both basic and in-depth levels include real-time monitoring of your mains water supply and short and/or spot flow measurements of large water users.

No interruption to the water supply is required so surveys can be carried out at any stage without disruption.

Historical Analysis

Analysis of historical water usage to determine baseline water intensity as well as any other contributing factors.

  • Investigation of drivers (e.g. production or climate) for water usage
  • Understanding of baseline water



Flow Measurement

Installation of temporary or permanent flow measurement equipment on your mains water supply(s). Real-time data that you can view online.

  • Recording & analysis of real-time mains water demand
  • Understanding of weekday and weekend usage patterns

Water Footprint

A basic breakdown and understanding of where water is used and the costs associated with that use.

  • Understanding of where water is used on site along with the associated cost
  • Insight into large water users from individual flow recordings

Water Reduction Opportunities

Audit report summarising all findings, including site-wide water reduction opportunities through staff behaviour, end-user demand reductions, leak management and new technologies.




Water Monitoring


Connect your water meters to the cloud with the world's easiest remote IoT monitoring solution. Display your data in powerful online graphs, reports or interface your data with your own systems using our API.

Smart Metering in Minutes

Connect any pulse output, analogue or Modbus water meter, to our 3G devices and view real-time data in powerful online graphs.

  • Rugged, IP68/waterproof and UV stable enclosures
  • No comms or power requirements
  • Configuration and calibration remotely via the web

Leak Detection & Notification

Water leaks, which can make up to 10% of a site’s total water use, can often go undetected without real-time flow monitoring.

  • Set up virtual meters to measure water leaks during operation
  • Set up overnight and weekend minimum flow thresholds
  • Set up leak detection SMS and/or email alerts

Real-Time Cloud Based Monitoring

Analyse all of your recorded water flow demand and usage patterns to better understand what the drivers for water usage are and where savings can be made.

  • Analyse 15-minute interval demand patterns
  • View and analyse historical usage patterns to discover anomalous water use
  • Third-party data collation and integration of other meters
  • Cloud-based sub-metering and billing solutions

Self-powered Solar or 24VDC

No power, no problem!  All our monitoring hardware services are either self-powered with long-life (5 year) replaceable lithium batteries or solar-powered.







Ultrasonic Water Flow Metering


Clamp it and measure it! No more cutting into pipelines.  With Energy NZ’s range of clip-on ultrasonic flow meters, you can be measuring water flows within minutes.

No Cutting into Pipes

With the F3 clip-on ultrasonic water flow meters, there’s no more cutting into pipes required.

  • Installed in minutes
  • No risk of debris getting into pipelines
  • No need to shut the water supply off

Any Pipe Type

Designed for any pipe type up to three inches in diameter.

  • PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel and copper
  • Pipe sizes from 20 to 80 mm OD

Key Features

The F3 ultrasonic flow meter provides a range of communication and output options, along with a 1.44" OLCD display screen.

  • 0% accuracy at low flows
  • WIFI,4-20m, OCT pulse output, relay output
  • RS-485 Modbus
  • IP54

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