Energy Monitoring

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We offer a complete solution for energy metering and monitoring of electricity, compressed air, natural gas, steam and water along with local backup and support.

Permanent & Temporary Energy Monitoring Solutions
  • Electrical data-logging meters
  • Intrusive or non-intrusive compressed air flow and pressure meters
  • Intrusive or ultrasonic liquid and gas flow meters
  • Liquid or gas fuel monitoring
  • Thermocouple temperature measurement probes
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity measurement devices
Data Delivery & Storage
  • Real-time and cloud-based monitoring systems
  • Localised (in device) data storage
  • Remote, self-powered IP65 cellular solutions
  • Third-party data collation and integration
Cloud-Based Billing Solutions
  • Sub-metering and billing solutions for multiple-tenant sites
  • Sub-metering and billing systems of electricity, gas and water for buildings and apartments
  • Non-proprietary gateways connecting to existing meters via pulse output or Modbus
  • Interface with most electricity, gas or water revenue meters

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