Acuvim II Series

Advanced revenue grade ANSI C12.21 class 0.2 energy meter with Modbus-RTU & DNP3 support for over 400 and power quality parameters. Up to 8GB data logger with 3 historical profiles. Configure any rate structure combination for time-based, calendar-based, demand-based, or tier-based.


Acuvim IIBN

BTL Listed BACnet power meter with ANSI C12.21 class 0.2 accuracy. Measure over 100 real-time metering parameters. Monitor electrical parameters on single, two and three element systems. No PT/VT needed, directly measure up to 400V L-N or 690V L-L.

Acuvim L Series

Multifunction power & energy meter with ANS C12.20 class 0.5 accuracy for power quality analysis, time-of-use (TOU) and two over/under alarm configurations for any of 35 available parameters. Modbus-RTU, & PROFIBUS plus digital input/output options available.

AcuRev 1310 Series

The DIN rail power & energy meter includes four channel CT input to measure neutral current and provide residual current measurement. Auto phase-check ready to monitor wiring issues. Standard Modbus-RTU + BACnet MS/TP. Measurement Canada Approved, BTL Listed, & SunSpec compliant.

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