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We're a flexible bunch at Energy NZ and engage with our clients on multiple levels.  But for new clients, we've got a 'how we do it' process detailed below.  Our model is to explore opportunities with you first (the 'size of the prize') and work with you to decide on the best plan of attack.  Next, we aim to get some run's on the board by implementing the low-hanging fruit (easy wins) before turning you pro! 

Site Assessment 01 v2

Site assessment

Low to no cost assessment at your site to gain an insight into the size of the prize.  Typically identifies 5% - 20% annual energy cost savings.

Presenting Findings 01

Presenting our findings

Presentation of the energy assessment finding to you and your key stakeholders before brainstorming further ideas (great for getting staff engagement!).  Compile a draft energy management action plan for next steps.

Low Hanging 01

Implement low-hanging opportunities

Implementation of the low-hanging fruit (energy reduction measures).  Now you're saving energy and money...great work!

Digging 01

Digging for further opportunities

Now you've achieved some quick wins, it's time to start mining for those larger opportunities by undertaking a deeper analysis (In-depth Energy Audit or Monitoring & Targeting Programme).

40% Government subsidy available for most businesses.

Turning Pro 01

Turning pro

Now we're monitoring and tracking energy consumption, saving the business money, having management thinking we're rockstars - it's time to start turning pro!

Our pro's have an energy management plan, monthly reporting, quarterly energy management workshops and a team of awesome guys and girls behind them (that's us).

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