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We manage the risks associated with electrical and mechanical equipment malfunctions that can lead to fire, production downtime, increased energy costs and potential health and safety issues for staff and the general public.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is undertaken by Energy NZ’s certified thermographers using the latest infrared thermal imaging and ultrasound equipment. Identified risks are presented in reports that diagnose all reported anomalies and make recommendations to rectify. For contracted clients, all reported faults and reports are uploaded to Energy NZ’s web-based Risk Management Reporting Tool where clients can:

  • View and download current and historical thermography reports
  • View faults and enter corrective actions undertaken
  • Track what corrective actions have been undertaken to resolve reported faults and by whom
  • Search faults by risk rating, location, device, or equipment type






Power Quality Auditing

A power quality audit can quickly identify any potential issues and risk before downtime affects your facility’s performance and bottom line. Power quality issues are becoming more prevalent today and the need for an audit is justified because all machines are designed to work on clean power without disturbances. Energy NZ’s proactive approach to power quality auditing helps our clients to solve many common power problems by identifying reliability concerns and issues using the latest power quality analysers and thermal imaging equipment

  • Voltage sags / swells
  • Harmonics (Vthd & Ithd)
  • Transients
  • Brownouts
  • Poor power factor
  • Unbalance





Electronic Periodic Verification

While thermal imaging is a key step in avoiding the potential hazards, costs and downtime caused by electrical fires, detailed electrical safety inspections take this further in determining an installation’s continued fitness for use. Certificates of verification can then show that electrical safety has been inspected by a qualified professional, and the risk of electric shock or fire minimised.  Energy NZ’s Electrical Periodic Verification service consists of:

  • General inspection of power outlets, electrical distribution and lighting systems
  • Visual inspection of switchboards
  • Earth-fault loop impedance testing of switchboards and connections
  • Infrared thermal imaging of electrical connections
  • Certificate of Verification in accordance with AS/NZS3019:2007 (Electrical Installations – Periodic Verification)






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